We want to be apart of the change that needs to happen, we are constantly looking for ways to reduce our environmental impact in our day-to-day practices and products creation. We are extremely excited to share this journey with you all as we work towards making more positive changes. This will be and ongoing and forever evolving process.


A large amount of our collections are made with linen and organic cotton blends we are moving towards using more sustainable fabrics in the near future with adding organic fiber materials which will be eco friendly and biodegradable so you can enjoy not only our unique designs but also feel great knowing you are doing your part.


AKay Boutique packaging is 100% environmentally friendly and biodegradable being an online fashion brand we live by the saying "less is more" the idea of minimalist packaging while still providing a luxe experience when receiving your package is our aim. 

All our items are wrapped in tissue paper (not waxed) then slid into our 100% compostable, zero wastage mailers bags provided by hero packaging. We also have no plastic branding such as our swing tags and thank you cards which are paper or cardboard.



To avoid waste, any stock not sold is given to manufacturers that repurpose clothing into other designs or products. We also only order mass quantities when the demand in the style has been gauged this is where our coming soon and preorder functions assist us. We start with small quantity orders to trial styles before ordering larger quantities to suit our customer demand and avoid overproduction and waste. 

Our pieces are designed in  Sydney Australia and manufactured in China with a high quality of production factory standards. We have great relationships with our factories ensuring staff are working in comfortable conditions. We request imagery from our manufacturers of the facilities to ensure they are inline with our standards. When international travel is possible again, team members and director will be visiting all factory locations and will document and share this journey with you.